Why Use Hi-Vis Wear for Your Job

February 20, 2019 2 min read

industrial worker wearing hi vis clothing while at workChoosing a high visibility wear is very important for workers' safety. This should be a priority to all employers to make sure their employees are safe. Wearing hi vis clothing is just the first step for safety and one of the most important things every worker should know.

Hi vis clothing is called like that for a reason. They are high visibility for the purpose that you will be seen clearly even amidst low visibility weather.

Though most office jobs do not require hi-vis, it is still essential to keep hi-vis clothing with you anytime. It is important in case you need to come out on field. It is also advisable to wear them on your way in and out of work if it is raining heavy and visibility is low.


Jobs that Require High Visibility Wear

Here are the jobs that need high visibility clothing:


Outdoor Workers

Work done outdoors with great weather still need hi vis clothing. How much more outdoor work on gloomy weather? In this type of weather, it is possible for visibility to fall down. That is why wearing protective clothing plays a vital role to avoid accidents.


Machine Operators

People who operate machines need to see each other while doing each of their part in the process. If visibility is low, there is a tendency that they might hit each other. Especially those machine operators and drivers, they must be extra cautious with the surroundings as workmates might pass by. This is a prevention for accidents.


Motorcycle Drivers

construction site with worker wearing hi visDriving on a motorcycle, you might think everyone can see you. This is wrong. With low visibility weather there is a tendency that the light from your motorcycle can be mistaken on which direction it came. Wearing hi vis clothing is a great way of letting others know you are there. This is for road safety.


Road Workers

It is essential for people working along the road to be visible to avoid injuries and fatalities. If the drivers can see you working, they will not hit you. Possible accidents can be avoided. This is the reason why traffic officers are required to wear high viz clothing.


Emergency Responders

With the nature of work of emergency responders like police, firemen, ambulance, they are required to wear high vis when they respond to emergencies. This will allow people to see them and will prevent road accidents. They respond quickly because will surely let them pass seeing they are in a hurry.


Construction Workers

Construction workers are required to wear high visibility clothing due to the fact that they are working with tools and other materials. It is for protection.


Final Say

Visibility clothing should be complete from head to toe. This is to protect not just the body but the head as well of any falling small debris. Make sure to choose the right clothing with the right material. You can choose from different options of hi vis wear on the market. Read the description of the products before purchasing one. Also, it should fit you nicely for comfort while at work.


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