9 Practical Workplace Safety Tips For Every Employee

November 25, 2018 5 min read

safety helmet with headsetWhy is workplace safety important?

As straightforward as it sounds, there is much more to it than you would otherwise think.

Generally, safety in the workplace is vital for every employee in an organization since all the staff desire to work in a protected and safe environment. Health and Safety is a critical factor for every industry primarily because it promotes the overall wellness of not just the employees but of the employers alike. It is both a moral responsibility and a duty of the organization to protect its employees.

Workplace safety, however, cannot exist only on the best policies and guidelines. Safe working environments are centered on how well the parties, both in management as well as the staff on the organization premise adhere to and follow on the best safety standards.

Every successful workplace safety policy or effort is founded on encouraging the staff to identify and assess unsafe behaviors and conditions while also subsequently making sound and well-informed safety decisions throughout their everyday routine tasks.

Herein are some of the most important safety tips that every employee should have at their fingertips:

1. Be aware of your surroundings within the workplace

Numerous employees simply don’t bother to take note of their surrounding hazards. However, it is vital that you observe the working circumstances of your co-employees. As soon as you identify the distinct hazards which occur within your workspace, it is then easy to assist in minimizing the risk and helping you take the necessary precautions.

2. Assume a proper sitting posture

If you have an office job that involves you sitting for long hours, it is crucial that you maintain the correct posture while working. As a first, you should keep your shoulders straight back, and I line to avoid any problems of the spine. Moreover, also try to avoid twisting and stooping regularly, and where possible, try to make use of the appropriately designed furniture as well as safety equipment to ensure that you do not strain to perform your job effectively.

3. Reduce workplace stress

burnout man from workplace stressMany employees in organizations are not healthy and fit because of various factors in the workplace such as a busy schedule, conflicts in the workplace either between co-workers or between the staff and the employer, not to mention work pressure among many others. All these factors can result in depression or illness to the staff. What’s more, not only does this affect their overall professional life, it is also the source of nuisance in their lives.

As such, rather than waiting for when you get unfit or unhealthy, the best thing is to monitor and take care of health by taking various precautions such as taking frequent breaks or even having a good sitting posture. You can subsequently schedule your job accordingly as well as manage all the things that minimize workplace stress.

4. Use the correct tools, and appropriately

Take the necessary precautions when using the machinery or any other equipment rather than taking any shortcuts. Usually, shortcuts are one of the greatest causes of loss in the workplace. Ensure that you only pick the correct tools to perform a job and avoid the use of alternatives. By using the right equipment to conduct your job, it minimizes the risk of injuries and even fatalities in the workplace.

5. Ensure the crisis exits are easily accessible

In case of an emergency, having crisis exits which are easy to access can literally be a lifesaver! Ensure that the organization has quick emergency exits. What’s more, it is also recommended that organizations should have in place clear utilization of equipment shutoffs that may hinder you from working during emergencies.

6. Make use of any available mechanical assistance

Every time you want to lift or carry heavy equipment, it is essential that you follow the right protocols as well as use the necessary equipment such as a crank, conveyor belt or even a forklift. Usually, carrying out such tasks comes with numerous risks such as dislocation, muscle displacement among other severe conditions. With this in mind, it's essential that you make use of the necessary tools to avoid injury or permanent body damage.

7. Stay Alert

It is not uncommon for many employees to merely ignore or compromise warning alerts within the workplace such as et Floor,’ top’ and many more. It is because of such reasons that there are numerous incidents of fatalities and injuries in the workplace.

8. Wear the right safety equipment

One of the principal and most important safety rules is to wear the proper protective gear before starting any task. Usually, safety equipment can range from items such as earmuffs, earplugs, gloves, hard hats, safety gloves, full-face masks, among many other safety pieces. With these tools, you can well protect yourself from imminent incidents and injuries that happen at the workplace.

9. Stay Sober

caution wet floor signageAbout 3 % of the injustices and fatalities in the workplace happen because of drugs and alcohol. When the ability of an employee to exercise judgment, motor control, coordination, alertness or concentration is compromised, it results in several risks of workplace fatalities and injuries.

Why is safety in the workplace so vital? Essentially, it is a win-win situation for both the organization and the employees. Not only does it boost production and overall profits, but it also ensures that the employees work at their optimal levels.

Generally, it is the sole responsibility of business owners and facility managers to guarantee the safety of their employees. They can usually do this by establishing good safety practices such as education, training, and other initiatives, as well as encouraging their staff to participate in the process actively.

Organization heads should share with the employees on the various injury statistics in the workplace as well as imminent job risks that they face on a daily basis. Moreover, offer incentives which reward the staff for outstanding performance and exemplary safety behavior in the workplace. Finally, and most important, they should invest in the appropriate safety tools to ensure that their workplace safety policies are effectively boosted.

Safety in the workplace should never be an after-thought; its importance to the success of a business is no less than that of customer service, financial planning, or inventory control. As such, it is a high time for business owners to commit to guaranteeing safety within the workplace majorly because it is by far one of the most effective ways of protecting their most important resource-their employees.

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