Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Have Disaster Response Kits For Family And Business

November 28, 2018 4 min read

disaster response kitAccording to the World Health Organization WHO, disasters claim over 90,000 lives every year. Surprisingly, over 80% of the lives lost could be saved with better disaster preparedness strategies.

Further, over 160 million people are affected by disasters annually. The occurrence of disasters in most parts of the world is not preventable. The solution to dealing with occurrences such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and other disasters is staying prepared. Globally.


How To Stay Prepared For Disasters

Most people have the misconception that disaster preparedness is something that should be handled by the Government. While it is true that the government plays an important role, every citizen must do their part.

According to the Guardia, Many people lost their lives in the Kerala floods in India because they could not be spotted by rescue helicopter operators. If these people had reflective clothing or floating equipment, it would have been easier for them to be saved.

Disaster preparedness includes being psychologically prepared for such things and having the necessary disaster kits around.

What Are Response Kits And Who Needs Them?

They refer to tools and gear that may be helpful in a disaster situation. Such kits are mainly lifesavers that can be used to help the victims hold on to life, call for assistance, or protect their bodies from injuries. Most kits are designed to suit specific types of disasters.

For example, a fire disaster kit may not be helpful during floods. A good example of a flood response kit is the waterproof pants and jackets. It is important to have various kits at home for common disasters such as fire, floods, and storms.

hand holding disaster kitAs much as every individual is advised to have a kit at home, it is also important for institutions to have disaster response kits.

Institutions such as schools and churches usually suffer more during disasters. In an environment where plenty of people gather, disasters may bring devastating results.

For this reason, having ready kits is one way of preparing in advance and may help reduce casualties in case of a disaster. There are certain response kits that are must have according to the law in most areas. For instance, having a fire extinguisher is paramount for most institutions.

However, there are plenty of kits that are not catered for by the law. Institutions must make an extra effort to ensure that kits such as water floaters, reflective jackets and capes among others are available.

Why You Must Have Response Kits At Home and Office.

1. Gives You Peace Of Mind

If you live in an area that is prone to disasters such as hurricanes, you always live your life in fear. However, having some form of preparedness helps you deal with such fears. You need to have peace of mind knowing that in case of anything, your family is safe.

2. Guarantees Personal Safety

While some kits may look very simple, they are important when it comes to saving lives. A simple reflective jacket may be the difference between death and life in a disaster. hile some of the kits may not be able to save you directly, they may be able to hold your life long enough before you find help. For example, a person with a water floater may be able to survive in a flooded zone than a person without.

3. For The Sake Of The Kids

military personnel training kidsMost casualties during disasters are kids and women.

According to WHO, children are the most vulnerable due to their inability to react rationally.

Most kids may drown during floods due to lack of swimming techniques or may succumb to fire due to lack of help. If you have such kits, you may use them to help save the vulnerable kids.

This is why it is also important for schools to put in place disaster response measures and purchase response kits.

4.Compliance With The Law

Having kits may be part of the law in most local government policies. If you are running a business or an institution, it is important to ensure that you fulfil all the government requirements by purchasing the necessary kits. The law requirements for disaster response vary from city to another. It is important to check for such requirements from the local authorities.

5. Builds Customer Confidence In Your Business

By showing that your business is prepared for disasters, you attract more customers. Clients are usually confident visiting business premises with kits such as fire extinguishers. Businesses that are at risk of fire disasters such as restaurants must show some kind of readiness to deal with such disasters. Similarly, every business that is exposed to any risk must display preparedness.

Where To Buy Kits

There are many stores that deal with different disaster response products. Online stores, as well as stores, specialize in providing specific kits. At Brite Safety, we specialize in providing all types of disaster response products for specific disasters.

Our kits are made specifically to help reduce the devastating effects of disasters. Our kits range from reflective jackets to head protecting caps and gloves. We provide disaster response gear and kits that can help enhance rescue missions and sustain life during disasters.

We provide response kits that are very vital for rescue workers such as firefighters and police officers. Our kits are available for the public too.

Why Choose Our Kits

At Brite Safety, we work hard to ensure that our customers receive the best products. We deal with the best product manufacturers all over the US to ensure that we offer durable products.

Our response kits are also longlasting. When buying a disaster response kit, you should make sure it is made of durable material since disasters do not happen regularly. Most importantly, we offer affordable prices for high-quality disaster response kits.

We try to ensure that everybody has access to these kits since they are necessary for all. Feel free to get in touch with us. Order your kit now to get it delivered in just 3 business days. We ship all over the US. We also provide free shipping for purchases worth $100 and above.


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