How to Choose the Best Safety First T-shirt

February 23, 2019 2 min read

industrial safety caution or warning signSafety is very important. This is the main reason why garment manufacturers choose to produce hi-vis apparel. There are many T-shirts that feature hi vis color available on the market nowadays.


Different Safety T-Shirts

Below are some of the different safety t-shirts you can choose from. They may differ in style, but all are made for safety and conspicuity.


Short Sleeve Safety T-Shirt

This shirt is made of 100% Polyester material with high visibility. It wicks away moisture. This type of shirt is classified Class 2 by ANSI. This can be worn either by men or women, which features a chest pocket. The closure of this shirt is pullover type. Some type has a reflective tape that can easily be seen while others do not feature a reflective tape for more stylish look.


Long Sleeve Safety T-Shirt

This type of safety apparel is made of Hi Vis 100% polyester. Though this is long sleeve, it is comfortable because it wicks moisture. It has a chest pocket. This type of long sleeve shirt is for both men and women. Made of pullover closure type, this is very breathable. Some of this type features a reflective tape designed for workers. If you just want to hang around and be safe, those with no reflective tape is good for recreational use.


Non-ANSI New Designed Lightweight Ripstop Bottom Down Shirt w SPF 50+Lightweight Ripstop Button Down Shirt

The safety button down shirt features high visibility color. It has fabric made of 96% polyester and 4% Spandex. Due to the type of fabric, this shirt is very lightweight but very durable as well. It has a cooler feature and keeps the user drier by wicking moisture. Do you love staying around under the sun? Or are you forced to stay under the sun for longer hours because of your work? This shirt has long sleeves and provides SPF 50+, which helps in protecting your skin from harmful rays. It features a pen pocket and cell phone pocket. The closure is hook and loop, button down and collar type. This type of shirt is double purpose, for safety and for formal look.


No Pocket Cotton Shirt

This type of shirt has high visibility. It is 100% heavyweight due to the pre-shrunk cotton fabric used. It weighs about 6 ounces. What is good about this shirt? You can add reflective striping for more conspicuity.


Do you want photos and more details on safety first t-shirt? You may check through this page all the list of high visibility tee shirts and their features.


Note: It is always advisable to keep safe and follow safety measures when at work and when doing activities that may suggest harm. Hunting and biking are some activities that may put you in danger. So, make sure to wear high visibility apparel to avoid accidents. People can see you clearly with hi vis clothing, so you will less likely to get hit or bumped. Most safety apparel are in shade of safety orange and safety yellow because they are the colors very visible even from afar.

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