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The best fire safety way is to prevent it from happening. And once it happens, everyone should be prepared, from work buildings to your home.


Fire Safety – Workplace and Home

Frozen Fire Fighting Water Safety HydrantIf you want to be safe from fire, you must be aware what to do. Safety does not only mean staying safe at home, rather to stay safe at work too.


Workplace Fire Safety

The responsibility of workplace fire safety does not only fall to the employers, but to all employees as well. Everyone should be aware of the local fire code. This is required by the law to help you be safe. This is the first thing that everyone should be aware of.

Regular inspection is also vital to keep workplace safe. The local fire department can help you with this. Ask for the findings and work on the necessary changes advised by the inspector. They might recommend some improvements to keep your workplace safe. However, you can also do the inspection yourself if you know how to do it. Create a plan on what you should change and what you should improve. Check if you have warning in case of fire so everyone in the building knows.

A training also works fine. Everyone should be trained what to do in case of fire. They should be familiar with the entire building and all the rooms to help them know where to escape in case a fire happens.

Installing fire extinguishers is also necessary. This is a standard tool that every building must have. For some, automated water sprinkler system works in case of fire. Detectors can help everyone be aware and will keep them alert.

Remember that a fire takes electricity down, or perhaps you turn off all electricity in case of fire. This will be hard for everyone to see where to go so they can exit from the building. Emergency lights can help to ease the confusion. Also, a building plan on where the exit should be and what to do in case of fire will help in keeping everyone safe.

However, all the equipment and building plans’ poster will be of no use if the employees do not know how to use and what to do. Conducting a seminar and training for all the employees is the best thing to do for fire safety.


Home Fire Safety

fireplace burningWith the cold weather, we all want to stay on our fireplaces. The warmth helps us feel comfortable and at ease. However, this could be dangerous and may cause fire if a flammable material gets ignited by it. The fire might not just keep you warm, but also it may burn your house and belongings. Now, how do you keep your house safe?

Cleaning your fireplace regularly and checking if it functions well is the first thing to do. Some damages may cause fire to escape and ignites your electrical wiring and other flammables.

For the house, there are fire protection equipment to install, such as carbon monoxide alarm and smoke detectors. You can install it from a distance to the fireplace to keep them from warning you if you use the fireplace.

Also, remember not to overload your fireplace to avoid uncontrollable fire that may cause danger. Shut the screen (if there is) once it burns intensely.

Warn children not to play with fireplaces and anything that may cause fire. Always keep flammables away from fire for your safety. Do not leave the fire open if you are going to sleep, completely put it out.

Act immediately in case a fire breaks out. You will never know how fast fire and smoke devours your house until it happens. It is best to prepare flame resistant clothing form head to toe, including full face mask so you can escape safely from fire. This is a very important thing, and everyone should have it.

Do not panic and make immediate call to emergency number. Always keep yourself safe and forget the things inside your house. The firefighters will do their best to save your house from fire.

In case there are kids in the house, always act fast. Wrap them with flame resistant clothing and bring them outside. Always be cautious and be prepared to keep you and your household safe.


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