How Hi-vis Clothing can Save Your Life

February 21, 2019 3 min read

man wearing hi-vis vestHigh vis apparel is one type of defensive gear that is worn with the goal that the workers could be seen effectively in the work place. The work safety clothing is made with highly visible colors in order for others to see clearly the one wearing it even from a distance. Even when the weather is not good and the surroundings might be gloomy or foggy, the wearer can bee seen because of the bright colored clothing.

If a worker does not commit to the guidelines of wearing safety clothing like hi-vis, there will be problems that might be encountered. Greater risk of accidents has been noted from workers who do not work with hi-vis clothing since they cannot be seen easily by others.

Whatever high vis garments you wear, you ought to guarantee that it satisfies the guidelines set by the organization. In order to maintain the purpose of the clothing for high visibility, it must be cleaned after every use especially if it gets soiled.

Workers must listen and comply with the safety standards when working. It is called safety clothing because it provides safety to the user. Now, how does hi-vis clothing save your life?

Hi-vis clothing can save your life in many different instances with one purpose, to let you be seen.


Instances on How Hi-vis Becomes a Life Saver

There are many events in our lives where a clothing saves us. See below and check if this has happened to you before. If not, be cautious as this might happen to anyone.


Bumped By Car

men wearing hi-vis painting road signScene 1: It was a very busy day, and everyone is in a hurry. A man was driving his car fast in order to reach his meeting. He made an overtake on the car to where the traffic officer is standing beside and giving ticket.

The man didn’t saw the traffic police since he was too focus on the road. Plus, the car he just overtook is the same dark color as the traffic police’s uniform. What do you think will happen?

Scene 2: It was same very busy day and you can bet everyone is moving really fast to take care of important matters. A man was in a hurry to reach his meeting with the client. He was about to overtake a car, but he saw an eye catching traffic office wearing neon yellow vest. He did not bother to overtake, instead he waited for the car in front of him to move to avoid accident.


Hit By Equipment

Scene 1: A man was driving a heavy equipment. He was busy loading the logs to the truck. He did not saw his co-worker because it was wearing a brown shirt just like the logs. His co-worker passed thinking the driver would see him. Unfortunately, upon loading the logs the co-worker got hit because the driver did not notice he was there.

Scene 2:  An equipment driver was about to load the logs, but he saw a figure wearing neon orange hues. He stopped and let his co-worker pass to avoid accident.


Mentioned above are only few of the instances where hi-vis clothing has been proven to save lives. Now, I am pretty sure you no longer have a doubt whether to wear it or not. Choose a quality and comfortable hi-vis clothing to save your life.


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