Things to Consider when Buying Emergency Response Kits

November 29, 2018 4 min read

emergency preparedness kit in a bagFor an effective emergency response, you need to have a reliable emergency response kit. However, most people do not think much when choosing or shopping for an emergency kit. You need to understand that an emergency kit can save you and your family.

When buying an emergency kit, do not just think of the basic items found on the kit. There are so many vital things to find inside the kit. However, not all response kits are packed equal. We have small kits and large kits on the market. Hence, choosing an emergency kit is not an easy task.

There are numerous factors you must consider before you pick an emergency kit for your family or organization. For instance, the products and equipment inside the kit should be effective and reliable when performing their roles.

In addition, they should be safe to use and stable. In addition, buying unreliable equipment that does not perform its job as required can pose serious problems.

Emergency equipment can fail in two ways. First, if they are not well manufactured or made with substandard materials, they can fail to perform the expected task.

The second problem is the equipment breaking not performing. So, it is important you learn more about the kits, the contents and the quality of the items inside the kit.


Why choose an emergency response kit

The availability of numerous emergency kits on the market has made emergency readiness more suitable. Now you can stop worrying if you have forgotten something when building your own emergency kit.

An emergency response kit is designed to offer you with all the basic needs needed in case of an accident. In addition, the kits follow several emergency preparation guidelines offered by various institutions.

Hence, the people designing these kits have to consider the problems most people face when a disaster strikes. Some of the problems include the need for medical attention, lack of water and food, power failure, and break down of communication among many other issues.

man and woman choosing an emergency flashlightHappily, a good kit can help you tackle most of the above problems. It is well designed to help anyone in need. In addition, the kit is usable in all situations. It does not matter where you are or the type of disaster you might be facing. This means it is a safe, reliable and effective kit that is well-equipped to handle any emergency task.

There are numerous types of emergency response kits on the market. Therefore, when shopping for one, ensure you pick one that will be beneficial to you and your loved ones.

Always do a bit of research before settling on a specific kit. Also, you should be sure that the kit’s contents are more than enough to share with other people in case a need arises.

Things to consider when buying emergency response kits

Whether it is summertime or winter, having an emergency kit is very essential. An emergency response kit is more than a first aid kit. This means it is needed by everyone. When someone is injured or when a disaster strikes, it is easy to be confused. But with a well-packed kit, you can be able to have some peace before real help comes.

Kits play a very important role in case of an injury and follow up care as well. They allow first aid to take place and prevent serious injuries from getting worse. In addition, they can help in case of floods, and other serious problems. Hence, when shopping for an emergency response kit, here are the things you need to consider.

1. The purpose of the emergency kit

boxes of red cross safety kitThe first thing you need to consider is the purpose of buying the kit. Where are you buying the kit? Do you plan to use it a home, school or have it in your car? The reason for knowing the purpose of the kit is because every kit is designed for different purposes. In addition, the contents of the kit reflect its purpose.

For example, there are emergency kits that target outdoor adventure, workforce, sporting, homecare and many others. Hence, it is important to identify the purpose so that you purchase the right kit. Also, identify the need will help you when searching the kits online.

2. The contents of the kit

Apart from the purpose of the kit, the items included can differ. The contents inside the kit are packed according to the planned purpose. Some of the main items to find on standardized emergency kits are:

• Saline ampules

• Defibrillator

• Tourniquet

• Gauge needles

• Syringes

• Disposable gloves

• Gauge cannulas

• Bandages

• Alcohol Swabs

• Scalpel

• Gauze squares

• Oropharyngeal airway

• Reflux valve

• Sharps container

• Space chamber

• Salbutamol & ipratropium MDIs

• Micropore tape

• Resuscitator

• Endotracheal tube and adaptor

Hence, it is so important to think how the kit will help you and fit all your needs. Do not purchase a kit that looks exactly like your friend’s kit. Ensure the one you purchase fits your needs. For example, you can have a ready-made kit, compile a kit yourself or choose to add some items to ready-made-kit.

If a ready-made-emergency kit has all the items you need, you can have it. However, if you feel there are some items missing, you can have one and add other items later.

3. The arrangement and simplicity of use

We all purchase emergency response kits to use them for emergency purposes. Hence, you need to check the arrangement and simplicity of the kit. If the kit cannot be used in under pressure situation, the kit is a good as nothing.

Happily, most kits are confined in a backpack for easy mobility. In addition, there are different sizes, shapes, and designs. This means you can always find a good choice for your needs. For larger kits, they are equipped with some wheels and extendable handles for mobility and ease of use.

Today, having an emergency response kit is a must. Despite our efforts to prevent injuries and disasters, having a medical emergency kit can help a lot. Keep in mind that it is impossible to predict a disaster will happen. Hence, always ensure you are well equipped and you know how to use the contents available. Having the kit cannot solve every problem but can give you and your family a peace of mind.


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