Guide to the Importance of American Style Hi Vis Vests

February 23, 2019 2 min read

man wearing vest while doing inspectionDue to dangerous working environments a lot of people have been injured while at work. This gave way to law standardizing the use of safety vests. Each worker, depending on the type of work and work environment, must wear hi vis vest for safety.

Some vests are sleeved, and some are sleeveless. It can be worn over a regular clothing. This is the main reason why manufacturers use fabrics that are breathable for comfort and insulation. Safety vests features bright colors like orange and yellow. More commonly, safety vest has reflective stripes from front to back for added visibility and to reflect light. Safety is the goal why these types of clothing are created.

Most emergency responders also where this kind of vest for visibility among the crowd. Hi vis vests are not only worn by workers, it is also worn by people on motorbikes, bicycle, hunters and even those regular people to avoid getting hit. Safety vests are highly visible which makes the user stand out and be seen even in dark areas.

The materials used in this clothing are waterproof and the fabrics are flame resistant. This is definitely the safest clothing to wear. These safety clothes are created to meet the standard set by ANSI or American National Standards Institute. Now, find out what are the best American style hi vis vests.

Premium Mesh Two-Tone VestThe top high visibility vests for work are each designed to effortlessly reflect light not just used at work but to different functions as well. This is the main reason why vests have reflective tape and why they are available in different bright shades. Most companies choose different shades for each department, depending on the job and position. Aside from the fact that vests provide protections, it is also used by companies for professionalism purposes. The vests also serve as uniform to unify the employees.

Vests come in different sizes and styles. You can choose a style that perfectly fits you, wherein you can move freely and comfortably. But remember not to choose too loose vest as it might not provide maximum protection. Also, since hi vis vests come in different styles you can choose for a more stylish look.

High vis work vests are known to offer high comfort levels for you at whatever point at work. This is the accurate motivation behind why more experts lean toward wearing them. Individuals working in outrageous climate conditions, for example, serious winter weather or on heavy rains will almost certainly get the highest advantage of wearing safety vest for visibility. The accessibility of extra adornments in such manner, for example, protective caps with head lights will turn out to be considerably valuable for you too.

Wearing vest is probably the first step to avoid danger. This is the best thing to do especially for workers in low visibility area and on busy environment. If by now you are not wearing a safety vest the American way, make a choice now, to stay like that or to stay safe?


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