The Importance of High Visibility Pants – Options Available

February 19, 2019 2 min read

an icon that symbolizes safetySafety is the best policy when it comes to working. It is always best to work in a safe environment. However, there are workers who work on environment with harsh surroundings and heavy equipment. You may think, with this kind of environment danger is inevitable. I beg to disagree, but this is not true. You can stay away from danger and work with caution.

There are numerous methods to stay away from danger. With the use of high visibility signs, you will be aware of the surroundings. In addition, you must be visible to everyone especially those working with heavy equipment. This is also applicable not just to working individuals but for individuals driving as well. This will be made possible by utilizing high visibility clothing.

There are different types of high visibility clothing, ranging from hats to jackets to pants and even gloves and boots. In this article, I will tackle with you the different types of high visibility pants. This is to protect your legs from any unwanted incidents.


High Visibility Safety Pants

There are different types of high viz pants. You can choose which type you need depending on the type of work you have. Below are various options you can choose from, with description on the material and design.


Premium Multi-Pocket Work Jean

The multi-pocket work jean is a Class E but Class 3 when used in pair of ANSI vest. It has reflective materials and made of polyester/cotton treated fabric. It has multi pockets and zipper closure.


Collection Premium Cold Weather Bib Item

This type of safety pants is Class E, with scotch lite and reflective material. It has a suspender that is elastic and adjustable. It has pockets, 2 from front side and 1 large as chest flap. It also features a phone pocket.


Premium Breathable Rain Pants

firefighter wearing safety clothingMade of polyester with scotch lite and reflective material, the premium breathable rain pants are waterproof. It has suspenders that is detachable. It offers style and comfort. It features 3 pockets, 2 from the front and 1 at the back. When paired with ANSI upper clothing, this class E becomes class 3.


Premium Mesh Pants

Premium mesh pants are 100% ANSI polyester mesh. It has a light fabric weight. The waist has drawstring. The back and ankles are elastic. It has reflective material for visibility.


Premium Breathable Gloss Pants

The premium breathable gloss pants have reflective prismatic gloss tape. This genius creation features a navy fabric at the bottom, which helps in hiding dirt and mud. This is a good pants to consider when purchasing one on rainy seasons.


Classic Breathable Rain Bib

The classic breathable rain bib has silver reflective tapes. It is 100% ANSI Polyester and is very breathable. The seams are sealed, and the entire pants is waterproof. The leg cuffs are adjustable. This is classified as class E.


There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to safety pants. Make sure you choose high visibility safety pants well, according to function and comfort. Invest in clothing like this to avoid accidents. Keep safe always!

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