How to Keep Your Head Protected at Work

February 21, 2019 2 min read

worker wearing safety clothing and hard hatHead protection is required for workers who work on construction sites and other jobs that engage in working areas with possible falling objects and electrical. With all the safety clothing for the body, head is no excuse. Find out how you can protect your head in this article.

Our head is very important and once it gets wounded, it bleeds more than the other injured parts of the body. It also houses the most important (probably) and the most complex organ of our body, the brain. So, it is only reasonable for us to protect it especially at work.

There is only one way to protect the head, it is the use of hard hats during work time. However, there are many ways to make sure your hard hat is really protecting you. It does not only mean to protect, but to give comfort as well. You can't remove your hard hat at work, so you have to choose a comfortable one.


Types of Hats for Head Protection

There are different types of hard hat for head protection. You can choose from wide variety available on the market. However, always make sure to choose the one that meets ANSI.


High Visibility Hard Hat

You can choose for a hard hat who has the capability of being seen even on gloomy weathers. This type of hat does not only mean head protection but serves as visibility wear as well. The more visible you are to co-workers, the safer you will be. You can avoid getting hit by the equipment when they can see you clearly.


Full Brim Hard Hat with Suspension

full brim hard hat above hollow blocksThis type of hard hat can help you move freely with the suspension usually made of nylon. The shell is very hard, and any small falling debris won't hurt your head. Choose one with sweatband for more comfort. Also, this hard hat meets ANSI.


Cowboy Style Hard Hat with Squeeze-Lock Suspension

Do you want to be stylish while being protected? This hat is for you. Cowboy hard hats have extra wide brim that can provide you with more UV protection. It also has a hard shell for protection. Look good while at work with this hard hat that features a squeeze-lock suspension made of nylon.



Make sure to replace your suspension when worn out for safety. When it comes to head protection, it is always important to choose quality hard hats. This type of cost will be a good investment to protect your head from injury and falling objects.

At work your employer might require you to wear head protection gear. This is the standard of business nowadays to provide security to their employees. Make sure to comply what type of hat you are required to wear. Even though you want something more stylish, you can never go wrong with choosing the wrong hat that is not approved by your employer and does not meet ANSI.

Now that you have read this article, please be guided with how you can keep your head protected and follow safety protocol to avoid untoward accidents that may harm you.

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