Orange VS Yellow Safety Vest

February 23, 2019 2 min read

safety vest two tone orange and yellowSafety vests are very important for workers to keep them safe. Workers are advised to wear safety vest at work. Not only workers, some bikers and hunters also wear them for safety purposes. They will be very visible to human eye even from afar with the high visibility color of clothing. Safety is very important, at home, during recreation and at work. Following this simple standard is essential.

There are different safety vests available in color orange and yellow. Now, what color should you choose? And what are the differences between the two colors?


Safety Vests Characteristics By Color

Each plays an important role in keeping workers visible and safe. Here’s a description of each color’s characteristics.


Orange Safety Vest

Orange safety vest uses the color "safety orange". Safety vest in orange provides high visibility. The color is in contrast and can be easily detected apart from the surroundings. In particular, it contrasts the color blue which is very wide through the sky. This type of vest is used by hunters on hunting season. Construction sites also utilize the use of orange vest for safety. Traffic cones, barrels and construction zone marking are in safety orange color. The reason behind this is the visibility it provides even from a distance due to the contrast of colors. Even construction equipment is required to be painted in safety orange color by OSHA.

However, when orange safety vest gets dirty it is likely to darken the color of the vest. So, constant cleaning is necessary to keep the color.


Yellow Safety Vest

woman wearing hood with vest in front and flashlight in foreheadBy ANSI, vests in safety yellow color is one high visibility safety standard. Safety yellow color means preventing accidents and keeping people safe. The human brain mostly notices this color, this is the reason why most warning signs, hazard symbols and personal protective equipment are in this color. This type of safety vest can be seen worn by construction workers and other workers who work outdoors. Also, it is widely used by emergency responders and other road workers alike. When yellow vest gets dirty, the yellow shade will brighten more for some kind of dirt like oil. However, if the dirt is dark it will be highly noticeable.



Orange safety vest is clearly seen even from a distance because it highly contrasts other objects from around it. On the other hand, yellow safety vest is one of the highly noticeable color of human brain according to studies. Both colors need constant cleaning and maintenance for maximum safety benefit.


There is really not much difference when it comes to what color your vest should be. What you should note is what color your workplace recommends. Also, it is advisable to choose safety vest with scotchlite reflective material for more visibility. Purchasing a high visibility vest is a wise investment for the future, to stay protected and safe. So, be sure to choose quality hi vis vest made from durable materials. In this case, you will be able to use it for longer time.


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