The Importance of Clothing Made with Flame Resistant Fabric

February 22, 2019 2 min read

Clothes are very important. It keeps us comfortable and warm. Do you have a flame resistant clothing? Flame resistant garments are very important to own. In case you do not have one, it is about time to make a smart choice and purchase.


What are Flame Resistant Clothing?

Flame resistant clothing does not necessarily mean they do not burn. Flame resistant clothing are those that do not ignite fire.


What Fabrics are Considered Flame Resistant?

different types of fabric1.    Processed Natural Fiber Clothing

Wool is a good example of flame resistant fabric. It does not burn easily. It does not ignite fire. This fabric is considered the natural fiber with the most flame resistant property. Other natural fibers like silk and cotton are easily burned. But when processed with chemical solution it becomes flame resistant. Different manufacturers use tight weaved cotton to make it more resistant to flames. The tighter the weave, the more resistant it will be to fire.


2.    Synthetic Fabrics

Most synthetic fabrics like polyester, acrylic and nylon melts when burned. It can be dangerous. However, these fabrics are considered flame resistant due to the fact that it does not ignite fire even with high temperature. Just like natural fibers, a lot of manufacturers add fire-resistant chemicals to make these fabrics flame resistant.


3.    Kevlar and Nomex Fabric

Do you know why most gloves used by people who operates heat and heavy equipment are made of Kevlar? Because this fabric is flame resistant and it also adds to cut resistance of the gloves. There is no wonder why many apparels nowadays use this fabric to make a safety clothing. Since this fabric is very strong, most body armors and bulletproof vests are made of this. This fabric including Nomex have high resistance to flames. When exposed to heat, it does not ignite.


Different Types of Flame Resistant Apparel

welder wearing flame resistant clothing1.    Flame Resistant Coverall

 You can now purchase flame resistant coverall made of Nomex fabric. It features an elastic waistband and meets the standard for safety clothing. For the entire life of the garment, this coverall made of Nomex is flame resistant.


2.    Flame Resistant Pull-Over Hoodie

 You can look cool while safe with a flame resistant hoodie. It is a blend of modacrylic / cotton fleece fabric. The threads are Nomex. This garment is made of breathable materials for comfort. This type of hoodie is flame resistant throughout its life.


3.    Flame Resistant Full Face Tube Liner

 For workers who work in an area exposed to heat especially the face, it is advisable to use a full face cover that is flame resistant. It is made of modacrylic soft rib knit and Nomex thread. It even features a perfect fit to brim hard hats. Flame resistant full face tube liner is flame resistant for the entire life of the garment.


Now, you should consider having one for work purposes and for emergencies. This type of clothing is a good buy for your money as investment to your health and safety. Flame resistant clothing is surely a quality buy. You can choose from different options on this page.


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