How to Avoid Excessive Sweating?

February 18, 2019 5 min read

sweat on skinAbout 3% of the world’s population experience excessive sweating and as a result body odor too. These has been the number one reason why these people who suffer from heavy sweating become uncomfortable socially and even during intimate situations. This problem makes them shy and avoid being sociable, with the fear that they might smell awful in front of everyone. If you are one of them and is searching for a way to control sweating, read further.


Tips to Control Sweat

There are proven even ways for you to control your sweating. Lifestyle changes may not be a permanent solution to this problem, but it will help in controlling the root cause and prevents the symptoms from showing up. This will help you feel more comfortable and confident in front of everyone.


Common Practices to Avoid

Here are the common practices you must avoid in controlling sweating.


1.    Consuming Sweat Triggers Is a No

We all know that consuming spicy foods and alcohol are sweat triggers. By avoiding this certain type of food, you will avoid too much sweating as well. Foods to avoid are chili, garlic, peppers and everything that is spicy. Cutting spicy food from your diet does the trick.


2.    No to Synthetic Fibers and Tight Clothing

Sometimes we are the one making ourselves sweat too much. Synthetic fabrics hinder the circulation of air especially when it is made of tight clothing. This will contribute to excess sweat especially on underarms.


Common Practices to Follow

Here are the common practices you must follow to control sweating.


1.    Relax

Have you ever been in a stressful situation? Have you tried standing in front of the crowd and your sweat just jump out? Relax. Relaxing will help you to avoid sweating, especially during stressful situations. Take a deep breath and calm down.


2.    Wear the Right Color

sweat marks on shirtSometimes the color of our outfit is the problem. Some colors show how much we sweat. Black and white minimizes the appearance of sweat. So, try wearing these colors if you have the tendency to sweat excessively.


3.    Armpit Shields to the Rescue

Are you shy to raise your hands as the sweat form your underarms may be exposed to public view? Use armpit shields. This will prevent the moisture from transferring to your clothes. Not only that, this will also help you avoid bad underarm odor.


4.    Antibacterial Soaps can Do the Trick

Most of the time, what you need is simple. Antibacterial soaps can help in the prevention of bacterial build up that cause odor and sweating. With just simple wash with antibacterial soap, you can avoid being shy in public.


5.    Shaving means Saving You

The bacteria may build up with too much hair and the odor may stick to it too. It is better to shave underarms to avoid this problem. This may not be an issue to women unlike men. Men do not normally shave underarms hair as it feels too feminine. If your sweating is not excessive you can just simply cut your hair and trim. But if you have been suffering form underarm sweats that invites fowl odor, now is the time to consider shaving those hair off.


6.    Shoe Material Matters

There are people born with waterfall shoes. If you are one of them, it is best to use shoes made of natural materials.


7.    Antiperspirants are Armpit’s Fairy

For milder cases of underarm sweating, antiperspirants can help. With the use of organic products and other antiperspirant products that are recommended by professionals, this will help to control sweat.


8.    The Magic of Turnip Juice

turnip vegetable in glass containerNowadays, turnip juice has made its way into natural medicines when it comes to sweating because it helps in decreasing the activity of sweat glands in the body. There are two types of using turnip juice; one is by applying directly to armpits the extracted juice, and the other is by drinking the extracted juice from a fresh turnip.


By following the tips on how to avoid excessive sweating, you will surely feel even more comfortable in public and around your loved ones. All the tips mentioned are lifestyle changes that may be preventive measures.


Now, we have learned how to avoid sweating. But, where did it start? What is the main reason why our body sweats too much? The answer to this question is “body temperature.” If your body feels hot, it is normal to sweat. Some temperature feels hotter than other that is why they suffer from excessive perspiration. Now, how do we control the root cause of the problem? Continue reading below.


How to Control Body Temperature to Control Sweating?

You can control your body’s temperature right where you are. You can do it right away at home.  


1.    Proper Body Hydration

With enough fluid in the body, your body will feel refreshed. Keeping yourself hydrated is one good thing to decrease heat. If you are bored of plain water, you can choose from other healthier choices. Juice from fresh fruit is one great option. If you want a milder and relaxing taste, you can opt for herbal tea like green tea. Remember to stay away from alcohol and spicy ones.


2.    Well-Ventilation

A well-ventilated space does not invite heat. It makes the surrounding cooler. With cooler environment you will surely not feel hot. Simply opening the windows of your room can help for the circulation of air. If you have any air conditioners you can make use of that. For rooms with exhaust fans, it will be of great help in getting rid of hot air. Well-ventilation does not only mean the room where you are in. It also means the fabrics and clothes you are wearing. For hot days, it is best to wear light colored clothes and loose ones for your body to be able to breath.


3.    Wash or Take a Bath Frequently

A quick shower whenever you feel hot will make your body feel fresh and color. This will help in controlling perspiration. This is a very simple way you can do at home. Applying powder after wash also does the trick to maintain coolness for longer. You can wash or take a bath again a couple of times daily.


These steps are all simple and easy to follow. By following these natural ways, you will surely be successful in controlling sweat.


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