Waterproof Rain Pants - AMZ

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  • STAY DRY AT ALL TIMES: Do you use your bike or motorcycle daily? Do you love skiing and hiking? Are you a construction worker? Then you should definitely have at least one pair of these waterproof rain pants! Wear them all day long and even if there’s a storm outside, your legs will stay dry and warm! You can wear them on their own or even over your regular pants. Convenient, aren’t they?
  • THEY HAVE THE PERFECT FIT: Whether you’re thin or you have a few extra pounds, whether you are a woman or man, the Brite Safety waterproof rain pants will fit you perfectly! Thanks to the elasticized draw cord waistband, these rain pants will hug every waist securely and comfortably. They won’t feel too tight nor too loose, even if you feel the side pockets with your personal items. These pants were made just for you!
  • ADJUST THE CUFFS WITH EASE: When it’s raining or it’s windy and you’re walking, water and air can pass through the cuffs of your pants and make you feel cold! Brite Safety has thought about that and, for this reason, we created these black waterproof rain pants with zippered openings and adjustable cuffs. So forget all about cold shins and calves! We have taken care of that for you.
  • YOU’LL NEVER REPLACE IT: And why would you? These waterproof rain pants are unbelievably durable and they will always look as good as new! They’re made with strong nylon oxford fabric and a breathable extra coating, and the seams are sealed with thermal tape. Every inch and corner of these rain pants are 100% waterproof and they will remain waterproof and in good condition for ever.
  • A RISK-FREE PURCHASE: We are 100% confident about the quality and the efficacy of our black waterproof rain pants, but we want you to feel confident, too, when making this purchase! That’s why we backed up the waterproof pants with a money back guarantee. So click the “Add to Cart” button and give the Brite Safety rain pants a try! If you’re not satisfied with them, we will refund every last penny that you paid!
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