The Bull™ Cordless Electrostatic Sprayer

Product Introduction

The Bull™ electrostatic sprayer is intended for spraying disinfectant and non-flammable materials.

The electric aerosol generator can achieve three functions of air disinfection, surface disinfection, and immune administration by replacing the nozzles. With simple operation, convenient carrying and high spray efficiency, this equipment is suitable for the disinfection of viruses and bacteria in hospitals, schools, hotels, entry and exit inspection and quarantine, customs, transportation tools, elevators, and other places, as well as immune administration in farms, veterinary hospitals, pet hospitals, and animal epidemic prevention places.

Product Features

The Bull™ electrostatic sprayer is provided with an aerodynamic cutting sprayer, which is characterized in that the liquid is chopped and dispersed at the nozzle by high-speed turbulent airflow and then ejected with the airflow. Due to long spray distance, dispersed droplets, and less aggregation, the particle size is more meticulous and uniform than other sprayers. The droplets of different particle sizes can be sprayed by replacing the nozzles. Spray particle size corresponding to three nozzles is 10μm, 30μm, and 50μm, respectively. The product has the advantage that the droplets smaller than 10μm can be used for inhalation administration; 10-30μm suspension aerosol can be used for air disinfection. If the mist is smaller, the specific surface area will be larger, and it will be easier to adhere to viruses and microorganisms in the air. When suspended in the air for up to 15 minutes, it can efficiently kill airborne viruses and bacteria. The 30-50μm droplets can be deposited on the surface of the object for disinfection.

Product structure

The product consists of four parts: sprayer, tank, hose, and filter.

Sprayer: It contains the nozzle and air pressure valve. Select the different nozzles included and adjust the range of spray particle size. The air pressure valve controls the supply of liquid by air pressure.

Tank: Used for the storage of reagent to be sprayed

Filters: Air filtration, dust removal, dehumidification