Squeeze Lock - 6 Pt. Suspension - Replacement For V100 Item # V101

Vulcan 6 Point "SQUEEZE LOCK" REGULAR SUSPENSION -Replacement for V100 & Vulcan Regular Suspension 6 Point Hard Hats.

Adjustable to sizes 6 1/2 to 7 3/4

Actually too advanced to be called "Regular," V101 Suspension has an ultra soft yet strong, super comfortable, 6 Point woven nylon web - crown strap system that acts as a rugged shock absorber, with a "Squeeze-Lock" sizing adjustment.

Included FREE with Suspension - a detachable plush cotton terry, laminated over soft foam, Front Sweatband to enhance comfort and snug sizing without leaving marks on forehead.  For proper inspection and maintenance, Vulcan V101 Suspension includes a permanently embossed date of manufacture. The expected service life of a hard hat suspension is considered 1 year or regular use, or longer when used intermittently.  Perspiration and hair oils can speed up the deterioriation of suspension materials.  Be sure to look closely for cracks, tearing, fraying or if the suspension system no longer holds the hard hat from 1" to 1 1/4" away from the  head.

Replace suspension if it is worn.  Do not mix hard hats with replacement suspensions from different manufacturers.