First Responder Kit, Extra Large In Duffle Bag - BS-FAK-90649-1-FM

***This cabinet is available to ship, this is a build to order product and will be shipped 5 to 7 business days from the time we receive your order.*** First Responder Kit, Extra Large in Duffle Bag


  • Kit Contents

    6 Berman Airways

    1 Emergency Blanket bulk 52"x84"

    1 Cutter Ring

    1 Instaglucose

    2 12x30" Multi Trauma Dressing

    5 5"x9" Combine Dressing

    1 Lister Bandage Scissors 5.5"

    1 Biohazard Bag 24x24

    4 Large High Risk Nitrile Gloves

    1 EMT Grade CPR Mask

    6 2"x4 Yd Sterile Gauze Roll

    6 4"x4yd Sterile Gauze Bndg

    50 4"x4" Sterile Gauze Pad

    10 Sting Relief Swabs

    1 4.25x36" Splint Red/Gray

    1 Eyewear Goggles Splash Protect

    1 Disposable Plastic Bite Stick

    10 Alcohol Wipes Bulk

    1 Forceps 4.5" Steel

    10 Plastic Bandage 0.75X3" 5-UP

    4 ANSI Triangular Bdg

    10 Ammonia Inhalants 10/Bx

    5 Cold Pack 4x5

    2 Instant Hot Compress, 5.5"x7"

    1 15" Padded Board Splint

    3 1/2"x5Yd Wtrpf Tape Spool

    1 4oz Hand Sanitizer Bottle

    1 EMS Field Guide 19th Edition

    1 Stethescope

    1 Sphygmomanometer

    First Responder Kit, Extra Large in Duffle Bag

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