CPR Laerdal Pocket Mask, Plastic Case - BS-FAK-363705-1-FM

The Pocket Mask CPR Barrier combines a low resistance one-way valve with a disposable 3M,Filtrete,hydrophonic filter to help prevent the passage of liquids and secretions between the patient and rescuer, with a greater than 99% viral and bacterial filter efficacy. This latex-free mask features a pre-inflated cuff for a more effective seal around the mouth. This kit includes: .1 Mask with one-way valve.1 Pair non-latex gloves.1 Antimicrobial alcohol gel hand wipe.1 Instruction guide.1 Plastic clamshell case.


  • Pre-inflated cuff for effective seal.

  • Oxygen inlet version facilitates delivery of supplemental oxygen and includes head strap.

  • Replaceable

  • disposable one-way valve and filter.

  • Latex-free.

  • Kit Contents

    Piece Count DESCRIPTION
    1 Mask with one-way valve
    1 Pair non-latex gloves.
    1 Antimicrobial alcohol gel hand wipe
    1 Plastic pouch.