Celox Blood Clotting Agent, 15g Granules Pack - BS-FAK-90773-1-FM

CELOX is an over-the-counter blood clotting agent that delivers fast first aid care for all types of bleeding--from cuts, scrapes, and nosebleeds to moderate and severe bleeding. CELOX is so effective, it's been proven to work even in the presence of common anticoagulant blood thinning medications--a welcome breakthrough for the 40 million Americans who are on blood thinners and who can suffer from serious bleeding issues. Proven to Be Effective Originally developed to assist military medics, CELOX provides fast, effective first aid for men, women, children and older adults, and it's easy to use even if you have no first aid or medical training. CELOX has even been proven to work in the cold (in cases of hypothermia). CELOX First Aid products are easy to carry in your purse, briefcase, backpack, gym bag, glove compartment, tool box, or tackle box. Having CELOX First Aid products on hand instantly makes your workshop, garage, car, boat, or home a safer environment.nnCELOX empowers people to respond more effectively in any bleeding situation. If a bleeding emergency happens, you'll be ready. CELOX is so effective, it helps treat injuries that require professional medical attention, so you can be proactive until professional help arrives. When every second counts, CELOX puts time on your side.


  • 15g Granules Pack

  • Celox is safe and easy to use on pets and stops even serious bleeding in seconds.

  • Fast, safe, effective, affordable, Easy to remove from wound.

  • Celox is great for horses and livestock too! No special storage requirements.

  • Sterile, waterproof, easy-open packaging for single dose.
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