Professional Grade Ammonia Inhalants, 100 per Box


Our ammonia inhalants help to prevent or treat fainting. These are a must for at home or at a job because you never know when someone is feeling faint and is ready to pass out and this ammonia inhalant is for that moment to bring him or her around so you can take the next medical steps you need to take.

This is a respiratory stimulant for inhalation only.

  • (100) Ammonia Inhalants, per box
  • Active ingredients: alcohol 35%, ammonia 15%.
  • Inactive ingredient: alcohol USP, FD&C red dye #40, lavender oil FCC, lemon oil FCC, nutmeg oil FCC, purified

Ammonia Inhalants, 100 per Box

  • To prevent or treat fainting. 0.3 mL ammonia inhalant.
  • Active ingredients: alcohol 35%, ammonia 15%.
  • Inactive ingredient: alcohol USP, FD&C red dye #40, lavender oil FCC, lemon oil FCC, nutmeg oil FCC, purified
  • Something you should always keep in any first aid kit.