American Red Cross 13 Piece Fluid Spill Emergency Responder Pack - BS-FAK-RC-657-1-FM

A complete solution for preparedness in the workplace. This 13-piece pack contains supplies for cleaning and disinfecting a fluid spill emergency. Keep on hand for a safe and sanitary clean up.    Light-weight case for easy transportation.


  • Contain and dispose of blood and bodily fluids safely.

  • Kit Contents

    Piece Count DESCRIPTION
    (2) Antimicrobial Wipe
    (1) Biohazard Bag
    (1) Biohazard Scoop/scraper
    (1) Disposable towel
    (1) Facemask with eye shield
    (1) Fluid control solidifier pack
    (1) Germicidal wipe
    (1) Hand sanitizer pack, 0.9 gm/ea
    (2) Latex free exam quality gloves
    (1) Plastic disposable gown
    (1) Twist tie