3M™ DBI-SALA® Off-Shore Orange PVC Foam Lifejacket With Back D-Ring Opening, Foam Filled Head Support Collar, Adjustable Straps, Hinged Back Panel, 62 sq-in Reflective Tape And Safety Whistle (For Use With Harness)

  • 3M™ DBI-SALA® Orange Off-Shore Lifejacket having back D-ring opening can be used with many harnesses. Lifejacket is constructed from Hi-Vis orange fabric and 62 sq in of solas grade reflective tape. It includes foam filled head support collar along with two vertical adjustable straps. Polyvinyl chloride foam buoyant material of the jacket offers a minimum buoyant force of 22 lb. Lifejacket features hinged back panel for comfort also safety whistle. Lifejacket is ideal when there is a need for visibility as well as flotation protection.


  • Can be used with almost any full body harness to provide both flotation and fall protection
  • Constructed from certified Hi-Vis orange fabric and 62 squares of solas grade reflective tape
  • Soft Aquafoam™ flotation foam provides a minimum force of 22 lbs. (98 newtons) and collar positions head out of water when floating
  • Polyvinyl chloride foam buoyant material provides a minimum buoyant force of 22 pounds (98 newtons)
  • Inspected and tested in accordance with US Coast Guard regulations Catalog No 1600 Type 1, US Coast Guard Approval No 160055/187/0 UL listed Issue No B-8050
  • Allows user to customize the fit to their body accommodating the harness and any clothing or gear they may be wearing

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» Foam

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» Lifejacket

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