35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 1 Gallon

1 Gallon of 34.5% Hydrogen Peroxide is equivalent to over 10 gallons of 3% store bought peroxide. Always handle 35% Food Grade Peroxide with the utmost care and safety. This is a very powerful chemical and will burn your skin, damage surfaces and bleach your clothing. Dilute using distilled water before using. Keep out of direct/indirect sunlight for long periods of time. Also avoid keeping the bottles stored in hot locations.

  • OOD GRADE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE – Our peroxide contains zero stabilizers or additives. This is 100% Food Grade and Kosher.
  • EXTREMELY POWERFUL – 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is a very powerful chemical. Be safe and wear eye protection and gloves when handling. This peroxide is more than 10x more powerful than store bought peroxide. It will burn your skin, bleach your clothing and damage surfaces if you handle it at full strength. ALWAYS DILUTE WITH DISTILLED WATER BEFORE USING!
  • SAME DAY OR NEXT DAY DELIVERY – We ship our products the same day or next day to get your supplies to you FAST! (Excluding weekends and holidays)
  • LOTS OF APPLICATIONS – Peroxide is a versatile product and can be used to clean your kitchen, bathroom and floors. It’s great for washing vegetables and fruits. You can use it for sanitation and disinfecting most any surface. As always, dilute to a safe solution strength before using and take proper safety precautions.